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Laneygirl76   in reply to Laneygirl76   on


Anybody else have any ideas. Ive looked and looked and looked and nothing
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mother about to lose it all  

mother about to lose it all

I am a single mom and unfortunately i can not afford to pay my bills or rent. I am unemployed but im searching for a job. I have no where else to turn. I need help.
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Sue248   in reply to jammers2255   on


What is the contact information for Emergency Financial need number.? Please help Sue248
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jammers2255   in reply to Roseb441702   on

Do You Have An Emergency Financial Need?

I am 60 years disabled woman that I have heart problems, and been in and out of the hospital, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and other health issues. I being evicted any day and I have nowhere to go. My things will be outside and I could loose everything. I need financial aide for 6,000 dollars. That will be moving expenses, debt, furniture, and bills.
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I am writing to explained I am in need of help in moving and getting a car for helping my close friend with battling cancer. I had been taking him to the doctor office, run around to help him with picking up his medicine. I very much need a car to go to the doctors office and pick him up. I would be so grateful for your donation and Help. I need a car because I am out of work and is go to start a new Job 30mins from my home.
Please Help me.!!!!!!

I am so grateful for your help.!!!!!!

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SisterServant   in reply to javierjimenez   on


Have you contacted social services? You should be eligible for food assistance and they might assist with housing.

Also, if you do not pray, begin. Start with Thanking god for of your blessings, then ask for what you need. He is listening and will assist you if you form a closer relationship with Him.
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I do have a job I work at ucla hops just lost my wife to jail and I will be homeless in 3 weeks pl I have 3 kids that are in my custody of so we are looking for some help pl
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I am a wife and mother of four... My daughter is a special needs child. My husband and I have fell on hard times. We are currently having to move from the place we have been living in for over a year. We do not have the funds to get into a place because the time to move is so sudden. We do have income coming in. Its just to hard to save enough to get out before we end up homeless... I do not know where else to turn I am at a loss. Please help our family. And I just wanted to add the reason for us having to move is because the children of the owner we rent from wants to take over the house and Live in it them selves.
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sabrina1023   in reply to littlelacie   on

Help With Rent And Security Deposit

Thank you
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Hello cyber world I am a very desperate college student and mother to a new baby girl. My boyfriend was recently extradited to another state until he pays restitution of $1500 for a stupid mistake he made as teenage. I can barely make rent by myself and pay for our beautiful angel baby because of going to school to become an RN, this little girl needs her Daddy around. Any help is greatly appreciated, God bless
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My name is Rico Finney. I am a 20 year old collage student. Im looking for some assistance as soon as possible. My mother recently passed a couple months ago and its been very hard for me financially. I need a place to live and i have absoloutly nothing to my name but a car and section 8 but it will expire September. I dont know if ill have enough money by then to make have a place by the time my voucher is up. Please. Anything would be greatly appreciated. God bless.
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KennyG97236   in reply to soulight   on


Right now I am going to open myself up for a lot of judgement from a lot of people.
So here's what's going on with my situation. I will give you all the details.
My name is Kenneth Glaspey. My real name. I have been in and out of institutions all my life. I am 41 years old now and currently staying at my mothers one bedroom apartment.
my mother and I moved back to Oregon from Mississippi because things in Mississippi were not working out for either of us. We brought two dogs with us as they are part of our family. We came back to Oregon because we have family here and thought we could start over here, or at least I thought this.
When we got here we stayed at my uncles house. We saved up enough and finally moved out of my uncles place. My mother found a job where she is still employed. I was working through several temp agencies. Things were going good and my mother and I both pitched in and got a place to live with our two dogs.
After awhile things were not working out for me. I wasnt getting enough work to keep up my part of the bills. I couldnt hold a job and things were turning the worse for me.
Almost my entire life has been spent inside psychiatric hospitals, jails, and finally prisons. When I wasn't locked up I was mostly homeless and using drugs. I was homeless back and forth from San Francisco to Oregon doing almost anything for that next hit of heroin. I finally decided to clean myself up, so I caught the bus out to Mississippi to get away from the drugs. My mom was living there and she let me stay with her. I cleaned up and was working out of Labor Ready a lot. I stayed there for about 5 years and then my mother wanted to move back to Oregon and I went with her.
So my mother has a job and things are going the worse for me. I bred m,y female dog and had a litter of puppies, and my mother actually decided to keep one of the puppies even after i told her it was a bad idea. Two dogs is all we need. Now we have two dogs and a puppy. My dogs are all very friendly pitbulls.
I have been homeless and using drugs in Oregon a couple of times before.
Moving back to Oregon had me a little worried about reverting back to my old ways of drug use, but I had a plan to stay away from all the old hang outs and old friends. No problem! Boy was I wrong!
So, I am staying with my mother and I am signed up with several temp agencies. I wasn't getting a lot of work, partly due to my criminal background.
I was signed up with a temp agency that was located in Downtown Portland. I got a job through them and was heading there to pick up my check. Thats when I ran into old friends and started hanging out and using heroin again. Yes! I relapsed. The worse relapse of my life. I started using again. Picked up a habit that quick. I couldnt afford it though, so I started pan handling and conning my way to getting a bigger habit each day. I finally just started selling the stuff to pay for my own habit. My habit just kept growing and growing. I was in and out of hospitals and still continuing to use. I finally found out I had blood clots in both of my legs. I was stuck in a wheelchair not being able to walk of my own doing.
I am still living with my mom and paying rent. She had no idea what I was doing. I hid everything very well from her.
Finally everything came to an end when the police raided my apartment. I went to prison for two years and four months.
Being arrested actually saved my life because I was killing myself with all the heroin I was using. I now had so many health issues. Both of my legs have blood clots now.
My mother took care of the dogs while i was locked up and ended up moving into a one bedroom apartment.
I finally get out of prison, still dealing with major health issues. I have blood clots in both legs, lymphadeema, thrombophlebitis, cellulitis aand more which causes swelling, pain, blisters and sores to form because of bad circulation. I cant walk without being in pain now.
So I am staying with my mother now. I am applying for SSI due to my medical issues and my mental issues.
I am clean and sober now. I have been clean and sober since November 11th, 2011. I go to meetings at least twice a week. I have a sponsor I can call anytime I need to.
And about the dogs. One dog is mine. The other two dogs are my mothers. I am helping my mother with her two dogs by walking them and going to places that help with other pet needs.
One day my mother asks me to take her dog to play fetch in a certain area while she takes her other dog to the dog park. While playing fetch with her dog the dog runs off after another dog that just came into her view. I am running my fastest after her even with my health issues because she is not ffriendly with other animals. She gets to the other dog and I am still running after her. A dog fight ensues. I get there and seperate the dogs.
Animal control comes and I get a few fines for not having the dog leashed. Both dogs have injuries. I got some help with the injuries for my mothers dog through an agency in town. I heard from the animal control agent that the other dog has injuries that were taken care of by the dogs owner.
I am so sorry this all happened to the other dog.
Today the other dogs owner comes to my home and tells me the bills for the other dog are seven hundred and eight dollars.
I wish I had the money to give him. My mother works, but she is just barely paying rent. None of my family have anything to help with and the agency that helped my my vet bills can't help with the other dogs vet bills.
I live in Portland Oregon. If anyone can help me with the other dogs vet bills I can't say thank you enough.
Anything will help. If anyone that wants to help they can contact me directly or I might possibly find out the other dogs owners contact info and you could help them out directly.
Thats my situation. I need $708.00 to pay for injuries caused by my mothers dogs on another dog.
I have been in bad ways with the police most of my life. I have been clean and sober since 11/30/2011. I am currently applying for SSI and have met the medical requirements and just waiting to find out if I meet the mental requirements for receiving SSI. I am also getting a lot of support from local agencies helping with my medical issues.
I believe I am a totally different person then I was 5 years ago. I have found the Lord. I am sober from all drugs including alcohol.
I have been praying and now I am reaching out to anyone that can help my mother and I with this issue.
Thanks for talking your time to read this and God Bless you all whether you choose to help or not.
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Chris Booby  

Chris Booby

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If you just need someone to talk to, we're here. We will lend any advice we can if we know

If you just need someone to talk to, we're here. We will lend any advice we can if we know it can help someone move forward with a smile on their heart.
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I, Mrs. Charita, am the Founder & CEO of Anevay Dance. My staff and I are currently seeking to adopt-a-family for Christmas this December 2015. If we choose your family, we will notify you so we can help make the holidays one that not only Anevay will remember but one that YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY WILL REMEMBER.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Houa   on


Hi all we can do is give u information where u mite get help. I am sorry but there no resources that give away a free car are do anything with a car
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singlemomkrystle   in reply to Ctravers   on


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singlemomkrystle   in reply to kittyer12   on

Single Mom and Pregnant need Housing ASAP

Hey could u help me with school stuff for my children
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